Saturday, March 23, 2013

David Mecklenburg

David is my amanuensis, illustrator and most annoyingly, my editor.

As Samuel Marchbanks once said of editors:

"Editors are at best disagreeable fellows, professional contradicters and sassers back. An editor of any degree of experience becomes incapable of complete agreement with anyone, and he reads the dictionary so much that he always knows more nasty names for any particular offence than the man who has committed it."

It was David who excised many of the interesting anecdotes, piercing observations and necessary explanations that once graced my rough drafts. When I argued that such informative and entertaining pieces should not be relegated to the rubbish-heap, he rudely suggested that perhaps I should put my commentaries in an unmentionable place. I, on the other hand, being of a more practical mind and forbearing temperament, suggested that we find some other place to put the divers writings that rounded out the world I live in.

You are browsing the results of my sagacity.

To give him some credit, David assists me with many of the translations and research that appear in this Webtraption. A fair to middling writer himself, he never really amounted to very much until we formed our partnership.

Nevertheless, he is relentlessly competent, useful at need, and ferociously adequate. He is a fairly good cook and passable when it comes to helping me out with the technical aspects of our endeavors. By day, David works as a mid-level bureaucrat in a Certain Local Government, and as such bears many similarities to the Hallwards that work and toil away to make sure the Free and Hanseatic City of Hagen continues to be a place where a few others make much more money than he does. I believe the term he uses is Project Manager.

He has a website, which you can look at, although I am not entirely in agreement with his presentation of me or my works.

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