Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Perfect 30 Minutes

If you are a writer and new to Seattle, you may have been introduced to Richard Hugo House through a Google search, or perhaps even the old-fashioned way: someone told you about it. Perhaps you are even writing in the 30/30 Writing Challenge.

(To catch up those who just joined us, the 30/30 Challenge is where over 100 writers pledge to write for 30 minutes or more for 30 days. All to support Richard Hugo House.)

If you haven't taken a writing trip on board the Washington State ferries, you may be missing the best 30 minute sessions of this whole fund drive. The above image is on board the MV Puyallup on the Bainbridge to Seattle crossing. See all of those empty seats tables? Most of them have power outlets.

See the distractions? Yes, there aren't very many. There is a jigsaw puzzle waiting for someone else, but use it for a Carveresque prompt. Think of the desperate couples who sat at it, doing the corners, missing the center and enduring the metaphorical desperation. Just don't be tempted to procrastinate by sitting down and doing it yourself!

Oh yes, they make you pay for WiFi, so you can kiss the Facebook goodbye once you leave the Winslow dock. There is only the hum of the engines, and the lights passing outside.

Plus, you actually get two thirty minute sessions if you are going back and forth. Or the forth and back as I like to say because I am quite fond of the ferries. Some of the runs are longer, such as the more infrequent, but prettier Bremerton Seattle run, or luxuriously introspective and inspiring like the trip from Friday Harbor to Anacortes.

I would go alone and avoid the commuter runs during the morning and afternoon. For $8.10* as a walk-on, you can get two 30 minute sessions of writing in one of the most conducive writing environments I know.

In the meantime, I will take this opportunity to ask for you to please drop some change in my Hugo House donation jar at First Giving. And welcome aboard!

*as of writing, of course...

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