Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Epiphany, Oblique

Joachim and I decided to determine if Flaubert' s approach worked, so we went down to the derelict pea-patch  and stared at the white water storage tank.

The tank had to be interesting.

The rain drops were pretty, but I had to admit that I couldn't get my mind off of eggs. Fried eggs, boiled eggs. Even the raw egg I like to put in my morning shake. I told Joachim this fact.
"Remember when you could get a raw egg in an Orange Julius?" he asked.
"Yes. There was one on the corner of some sitting area in the old Sunrise Mall. My mom always bought me one. I used to sit on a moon sculpture and drink it. I wonder if Orange Julius even exists anymore?"
"Maybe the  fundamentalists took it over. Julius was a devil you know," he said.
"That seems like something they would do." I said.
"Ada, why don't you look it up on your smart phone?"
Joachim and I had been friends since graduate school. We had been lovers then too, but hadn't let that get in the way of our mature friendship later on. So he knew that I had forgotten my phone. For a moment we were out there in front of the world but without an Internet connection.

So it made sense out in the garden that all we had was each other. Well, well we had a geriatric Chevy truck and a case of fruit-roll ups I had gotten at CostCo by mistake, but it didn't matter. Joachim and I agreed it would deepen our friendship if we gave them away to the homeless people that wandered beyond us—almost like ghosts in the deodar cedars.

Then I remembered they weren't ghosts anymore than I was a ghost. It was a pretty stupid, and worse, solipsistic thing to even think. Joachim hummed something to the wind. I think it was an old Edith Piaf song. Maybe Billie Holiday since I sort of get those two mixed up when I am outside staring at water tanks. Their respective langauges differences are irrelevant anyway.

I remembered it didn't matter who sang it first. Joachim was singing it now and we were both wet from the rain, like the water tank. The lyrics were about something that you thought about, like solipsism or chirality and didn't that make the theory real?

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