Saturday, March 5, 2016

House Cleaning


I don't post very much here since Ada can be rather vociferous and prolific. Instead I make the pictures.

But as of late, Ada and I have felt somewhat dissatisfied. The blog has been in existence now for a few years and while I may be more comfortable with putting out the occasional image, Ada has grown restless or "tired of these iterative constraints. It's spring. It's time for something new."

I don't really know what that means and Ada doesn't either. Recently, she has been working on some new material. It probably has to do with her obsession with bamboo and rhizomes. Whether it is a novel or not, I can't tell. I don't think it is because her own work has recently been somewhat different than the old blog postings here. To quote her:
"The fantastic is merely a mythology, a necessary legend, not just some oral tradition whispered on a porch but the legend one finds on maps. It tells you what things are. So Anton, my swim in the Elbe, my father and the ex-boyfriend-I-shall-not-name: yes they all mean something in the cartography of my life. Such mythologies are the ladders that Wittgenstein spoke of: we often need them and then dispose of them once we have climbed to the next level."
Those of you who are familiar with Ada know she went on for quite some time in this mode. Finally I got it out of her: she wanted to write less with a mind for this blog and submit to other publications.

What does that mean? I'm not sure. I had suggested Hedgebrook to her a while ago, but she was too lazy to submit the application on time. Now I was afraid she was going to apply for some residency at an AWP-sanctioned enclave and leave.
"Please, I'm far too cantankerous for that sort of thing. Besides, I'd have to probably teach someone to write, and I have grave doubts of my own ability to carry out that function. Inflicting pedagogy can be a terrible thing to do to another person."
"But there was that 27 year old poet you met in Merrida..."
"...and let's not discuss that here. I couldn't bring myself to ruin his perfectly decent Spanish clich├ęs with English ones."
"I didn't think that was the reason you were working with him so intently. At night. At that hotel just off the..."
"I said, let's leave that one alone. There are enough of those kind of memoirs already. Let us just say I want some time off to work on work alone and not worry about that blog thing you created."
I decided that if Ada was taking some time off for her creative work, it was time to clean house here. So expect some changes, perhaps some archiving. I suspect there will be some cannibalization of texts and a revaluation of all values.

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