Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fairies on Ferries: Elise

wood-cut illustration style of fairy sitting on sun deck of Washington State Ferry at Sunset. Fairy is dressed in Ferry Worker uniform, and has Japanese maple leaves for wings.

Sunset is a good liminal time for meeting fairies on the ferries. I met Elise one evening on the way to Bainbridge Island. She likes to pet dogs on the sundeck, and will take a picture of you and your loved ones with Seattle or Mt. Rainier in the background so you don't have to take an awkward selfie and look foolish. If you want to really get in her good graces, simply leave a Mighty-O cinnamon doughnut out as an offering. Just don’t leave your bags unattended or she’ll throw them off the boat.

Elise said that unlike many of her kind, Inland Boatelves have no aversion to iron or steel, which makes sense if you spend a lot of time on the MV Tacoma and other ferries. When I asked about her wings she said that she was born without them. When she came of age she picked two leaves from her favorite tree—a Japanese maple in the University of Washington Arboretum—and whispered a spell over them and placed them on her back. The rest is magic of course.

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