Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hard at work

Wood-cut-style cartoon of woman asleep in bed.

In the morning, I paraphrase a fragmentary metaphor that explains how important sleeping is.
"Even when I am fast asleep, my soul is hard at work to make something of the world."
Is the world absurd because we use metaphors to explain and vindicate it? Sleep is not Work, nor is it Rest, per se. How can I say it is easy or hard when I don't remember most of it?

So I lie a bit without thinking, even though supposedly I am. Isn't Sleep lying without thinking? Part of the time, anyway.

But I want you to know Sleep is important so I choose words (which are a translation) that do something in this conversation. Are we in agreement? That Work is valued?

What is the world I am making? Another question. And yet when I compare the worlds of my life—waking or sleeping—I don't remember either of them save mostly in abstraction, which is here in these words: alien sticks and curves in the realm of a God I cannot name.

I do not really need to. I'd like to go back to work.

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