Saturday, September 16, 2017

Berlin 1

People say we look alike. I guess. But she is pensive, and often high. She has a nickel-plated syringe for the cocaine and oxycodone because it’s faster. She’s favored in the Scene because of her looks, her skill with a disturbing sentence and what she stands for which is what everyone else stands for.

She explained this to me with reptilian detachment. ‘You might find it funny that Foucault has described exactly how they built this City. Everyone looking at one another. Seduction to power. The archaeology of knowledge is right there under the fresh overlay. They’ll rip it up next week for a new building project you know. You don’t say the right things so you don’t’ think the right things.”

She’s right and I dislike her. If she makes it through this I suspect she will steal all of my best ideas and shoot them up.

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