Sunday, October 22, 2017

Berlin 6

When no one else is around the barista whose commute is almost two hours via 3 buses both ways because she cannot afford to live anywhere close to the City;

And her mother takes care of her two daughters for most of the day because she works two jobs: one here at the cafe and the other at the hospital so that she often doesn't see her daughters awake during the work week;

And you have just walked out door with your effete coffee order, but not before hitting on her by asking if it is caliente like her, like the jalapeno popper you equate her with somewhere down in Cabo, which she doesn't care about because she's from Ecuador...

...yes, when no one else is around

And she is out of view of the security camera, does Consuela, say a prayer for intercession by her namesake?

Does Consuela frown?

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