Thursday, December 28, 2017


Ready for New Year's, Hogmanay or Whatever Else 2018 brings
At this time of year I often write some pithy essay about time and mutability and the arbitrariness of human calendars.

In a way, I just did it again, but this year I will refrain from cluttering the Web (even in my very small way) with iterative musings.

The River of Heraclitus rolls on.

I will say that in addition to this wonderful new dress I have for New Year's Eve, some new changes will be coming to the Hagengard website soon.

It's time to revise it into something of a portmanteau philosophy. There may even be a "system" underneath it all.

(But I will never make claims to being an Academic Philosopher, even when they consider the term to be redundant)

Most likely this will mean less blogging on my part which will probably come as a relief to many of you. I have work to do and David wishes to sell some of his artwork here, and we now have a catalog of publications that is sadly underrepresented in this current form.

No, I have no idea how long reconstruction of the website will take since the Studio itself is physically moving to Bremerton. I am happy about the move since I will often be on the MV Chimacum on a long and contemplative ferry run. And if you're wondering why we're moving, well, go and read some of my Berlin series and connect the metaphoric dots.

In the coming year I will be working on a new novel and David will be working on his artwork; he recently got a piece accepted into the CVG Show for 2018 in Bremerton so he is quite happy about it.

Jointly, we'll be working on refashioning the blog work and "taking it down" so if you read this thing, sift through the links to the right because it will all go away at some point in 2018 to be revised, re-illustrated (where need be) and ensconced in a book collection along with new material.

More detail as they come, or we might just spring it on you.

Happy New Year

Love, Ada

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