If you have come or stumbled across this Blog, you may be wondering what this is all about.

Some years ago at Richard Hugo House, I made the acquaintance of Ada Ludenow. A tall, slender and very talkative writer who described a story that sounded like it was in Northern Germany. This "fictional memoir" was about a strange experience in the Harz Mountains where she had lived.

She has had a lot to say ever since, and I've tried to interpret some of her worlds graphically. That's what Hagengard Studio is: a place where all manner of texts and images come together to present Worlds.

Since I've gotten to know Ada quite well, my own conceptions of what "this world" actually is have broadened considerably. You'll definitely find her here (she's fond of Orcas Island and Cal Anderson Park), but sometimes she seems to write proetic essay post-cards from other places entirely.

Most of the writing here is Ada's, save for explanatory information like this page, and all of the artwork is mine, save for where I've indicated (and referenced).
Various inhabitants

Exploration tip. As Nietzsche wrote:
“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

You can use the navigation tabs at the top to traverse the Hagengard, or dig through the archives. Feel free to explore as you will.

About those tattoos.
Some of you may have noticed that Ada has three rather prominent tattoos on her right arm. She still hasn't told me the story of where/when she got them, although I can guess it was some time around her exodus from Graduate School. When I asked her about their meaning, she said:

"Odin had two ravens, Thought and Memory, that sat upon his shoulders or flew around the world gathering news for him. My birds are not quite so ambulatory. I have admired swallows for a long time. Their traditional meaning of a "Return" is nice and all, but when you see a flock of them effortlessly flying, tumbling and shooting around, you lose track of which is which. My three swallows are Thought, Memory and Desire. I find all three of these aspects of living to be in constant flight around and with each other. It's an impossible task to figure out which is which, so it's best to just admire them. I can't honestly tell you if that is Thought on my hand, or Desire on my shoulder."

If you want to read more about Ada, her bio is here.

-David Mecklenburg

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