The Nightingale's Stone

A fictional memoir, The Nightingale's Stone begins upon an evening in the Harz Mountains. A scribner and notary, having crossed the frontier of middle age searches for an old lover and answers. Instead she finds rather a hungry troll. In order to avoid becoming his dinner, she employes one of the oldest narrative tricks and tells him how and why she came there.

13 years earlier, she left her position as a lonely notary for a mining company in the carriage of a handsome man who said all the right things. You know the type. As they traveled across Northern Germany, she discovered magical talents, sensuality, and even compassion from a hideously mutilated indigo maker. But although her journey ended in betrayal and lies, she discovered more important things: her own strength and character through the meaning of her disillusions. But was it enough to sate the appetite of the Troll until the sun came up?

Why did I write it? For many years I had written the words of others. This book is very important to me because I learned who I was by speaking it, by writing it. It is a roman a clef, except it works in reverse: all of my other work flows from this story. The settings and worlds may be different, but the fundamentals remain the same.

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