The Deerwhere Awakening

Hagengard Studio is proud to present a new title for Fall of 2017!

The Deerwhere Awakening: by J.W. Capek

Exploring the possibilities of being human, across three sexes and beyond The Deerwhere Awakening is a timely story for our present.

Deerwhere is the culmination of humanity’s search for Utopia. After centuries of wars, overpopulation, political disruption, and global pandemics, there followed a New Confederation of Peace: of work, of service to others, and of recreation. Together in Deerwhere, survivors were male, female, and uniale. The colony quarantine kept three genders safe.

Uniales embody all the maleness and femaleness of the human genome. With epigenetics, they have the best qualities of both sexes and all the races.

The Deerwhere Awakening follows Noral: the uniale of a family unit, a trio of adults. Their idyllic lives in Deerwhere have all needs addressed by the Keeper, the Deerwhere Quantum Computer. All needs, but one. Confronted with the Confederation’s Third Option, Noral can no longer tolerate the dictates of a “perfect society.” The Deerwhere uniales must test their own loyalty towards the culture that is Deerwhere—a culture they must define for themselves.

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Available: September 27th, 2017

Print ISBN: 978-0-9909783-2-9

Kindle: 978-0-9909783-4-3

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