Saturday, September 14, 2019

Blue Forge Autumn Feast of Words

Care to dream a little?

Blue Forge Group will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary tomorrow, September 15th  beginning at 6:00 at the Tacoma Little Theatre. I will be reading a bit from Hyperborea and Small Events, and there will also be those titles and select artwork for sale such as The Flying Dreamer (from Hyperborea).

Again the event starts at six, so if you're in the Tacoma area stop by to fly a little.

Tacoma Little Theatre210 N I St, Tacoma, WA 98403

Monday, July 15, 2019


Hyperborea was the “Land beyond the North Wind” for the Ancient Greeks. Was it real to them and does that matter? Our mythology often shapes our reality despite the assumption that only the reserve is true.

For Ada, Hyperborea is the land beyond human company—a realm sometimes called solitude and sometimes called loneliness. Like most places—both real and imagined, both literal and mystical--Hyperborea changes over time. Its topography is written in the brush-strokes of love, grief, language, and routine. And its creator? Ada. And, in equal measure, not Ada at all.

Explore lyrical essays and arresting artwork in this newest collection from Ada’s World.

Hyperborea is my first new title published by Blue Forge Press. It's a "grown up picture book" in that it blends both full-color illustration with short, meaningful essays. At times the images inform the writing and others, the illustrations compliment and sometimes contrast the text. -David Mecklenburg

You can order it from Amazon here

Or go to your favorite independent bookseller and order it by ISBN: 978-1076235992

Or do you want to buy it in person? Join me and many other Blue Forge Writers for the Autumn Feast of Words Event,

Sunday, September 15th at the Tacoma Little Theatre: 210 N I St, Tacoma, WA 98403

Sunday, May 5, 2019

The Nightingale's Stone Redux

A fictional memoir, The Nightingale's Stone begins upon an evening in the Harz Mountains. A scribner and notary, having crossed the frontier of middle age searches for an old lover and answers. Instead she finds rather a hungry troll. In order to avoid becoming his dinner, she employs one of the oldest narrative tricks and tells him how and why she came there.

13 years earlier, she left her position as a lonely notary for a mining company in the carriage of a handsome man who said all the right things. You know the type. As they traveled across Northern Germany, she discovered magical talents, sensuality, and even compassion from a hideously mutilated indigo maker. Although her journey ended in betrayal and lies, she discovered more important things: her own strength and character through the meaning of her disillusions. But was it enough to sate the appetite of the Troll until the sun came up?

The Nightingale's Stone has now been republished by Blue Forge Press. Newcomers to this site may have missed their first chance at reading the book, but now it's here again.
"This novel represents the first "big" appearance of Ada Ludenow. I was somewhat concerned that things had changed drastically with regard to her outlook, timbre and subject matter, but no… if you've read any of the other Ada's World fiction, the voice remains the same, whether it is in a fictional 17th Century Germany or walking up Pine street in Seattle, WA. So this book remains an excellent way into Ada's World.
For a hybrid twist on memoir and speculative fiction featuring the novel debut of the one and only Ada Ludenow, a bit of personal discovery liberally seasoned with magic and existentialism, well, look no further.
Many of you are already familiar with it and for your support I am still very grateful, but if you haven't checked it out yet, now's your chance.
You can order it from an independent bookseller by using ISBN 978-1095426616

Or you can buy it, you know… here.