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Update: October 2018

Hagengard Studio  will no longer be publishing The Nightingale's Stone, Small Events, and the Shadow Well. They are out of print. However, look for their return in 2019 from Blue Forge Press

Short Fictions

Let Me Fly Away, originally published at Silverblade Magazine.
The Slubburge Man, originally published in The Dark Fiction Spotlight.
The Ladies of Keldmere, originally published in Darker.
The Church of the Hidden Children originally published in Lisette's Tales of the Imagination.

Inaugural SarZine Mandala by Ben Davis


Since 2008 I have been very fortunate to have worked on a series of collective writing journals with Les Sardines. (FB page)

Debut: Grendeliads: Read a sample

Cat Spritzer: The Seven Dances of Cat Spritzer

Habitations: Read the text

Heroes: Divers Heroes

Lost Maps: Carpetographies Read an excerpt.

Ghosts: Eponymous

Naked: Eponymous

Mirrors: Mirrormidions

SarZines Recollected: A limited edition collection of all of the above plus "Swan."

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